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Moving Image Showcase: What makes a good entry, and why?

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This article shows how we select work featured in Showcase, and how you can use it for your own business.

We built Moving Image Showcase as an independent collection of high quality work in brand video and corporate film. This article explains how we select featured work, and how you can use it for your own business video.

The Showcase is one of a kind because it answers a single question: is a brand video good enough to justify inclusion? There are no fees or favours to get featured, just engagement results and creative excellence.

We integrate Showcase with Moving Image Directory, our database of over 300 producers, to generate a dynamic, representative map of film output in brand and corporate communications. It is also connected to the UK Top 50, which we produce in partnership with EVCOM.


How do we decide whether a film justifies inclusion?

We capture data on brand video every day. It's not an easy sector of UK screen to monitor, because work is published on multiple channels and platforms. So we  have developed a system that reliably captures a valid sample, and reveals much of the best work in the process.

Our focus is the UK, for now, so we monitor 100 British brands on LinkedIn and Instagram. The data underpins our Benchmark, the fast-growing database of films produced by brands. We also track major video awards schemes, and ask producers and brands to enter their work. These processes enable us to review over 1,000 videos a month.

From this sample, we identify standout performers using data analytics and our own viewings. All selections for Showcase are independent of commercial influence, and it is free to use on our website.

What type of work are we looking for?

We feature video that stands out. We apply the creative criteria that are widely used in awards schemes, but we go further by adding objective measurement standards. So what qualifies for standing out?

  • Is it particularly strong example of a genre or a purpose?
  • Is it original, either for that brand, or across the corporate and brand film sector?
  • Did it achieve exceptional audience engagement, considering typical performance by that brand or economic sector?

You are welcome to enter films or series of films that you are proud of, including award winners. The more you can tell us about its impact, the better. Entries can come from any time period, but recent work is the most relevant.


Since all work in Showcase is of a high standard, it is a great source of ideas and inspiration for brands and producers alike. A series of filters sharpen the focus, letting you search for genre (say, drama), purpose (e.g. inclusion and diversity) or sector (e.g. retail).

Members of our community use it to benchmark their work. It's also valuable for keeping an eye on what businesses like yours are producing, whether competitors, allies or heroes you admire. Our work with data provides the measurement tools, while Showcase gives essential context for creative styles and campaign strategies.

How do you get your work in Showcase?

Simply complete the form below and we will take it from there.

Getting your project featured is an independent validation of its quality and effectiveness, since we select less than 5% of what we see. It also helps promote the brand and corporate film sector as whole, by demonstrating how good the best work is.

We always connect a featured video to the brand that commissioned it, and to the producer when we know who that is. So you get the credit for your creativity and success.


If your work is in Showcase and you want it removed, just send a message by clicking here and we will act promptly. We publish the videos on the basis that all are in the public domain and are of legitimate interest to industry professionals.

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