Brand film: revealing the hidden sector

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Moving Image reveals its flagship report, bringing the brand film industry to life.

It’s hard to believe that an industry which reaches a wide audience and makes a substantial economic contribution doesn’t have an identity. Nor does it get the recognition it deserves for creativity. It's even more bizarre that this hidden sector specialises in creating narratives for brands.

We’re talking, of course, about brand film, and this is precisely why the Brand Film Industry Report is a milestone in the sector's identity and its narrative going forward.

Brand film is at the forefront of corporate communications, yet it has been off the radar for the past 15 years. That’s nothing to do with a lack of prowess - let’s not forget it was a brand film that won London the 2012 Olympic Games. But it is to do with the absence of data, and this is what forges identity.

The Report, the first of its kind since 2005, is produced by Moving Image with support from industry partners EVCOM, the BFI, and Televisual. It meets the challenges involved in measuring the sector with focussed data gathering and deep cross-referencing. We've been able to draw clear conclusions about the scale of the brand video industry in the UK and its economic contribution.

Our research partner the University of Essex helped ensure the Report is impartial and rigorously reviewed. Match funding from KEEP+ and the European Regional Development Fund ensured an independent perspective.

What's in the Report?

The 50-page Report reveals detailed findings. We have figures for:

  • average turnover for a production company
  • average budget per project
  • the budgets brands spend on video
  • how much revenue is earned from exporting
  • the most important international markets
  • the clear distinction between brand video and advertising
  • UK regions where production companies are based
  • and many more.

There are some big numbers in play here. We now know the sector has revenues in excess of £1bn. It is a major exporter, with 82% of production companies selling overseas. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, brands expected to use more video than ever in the coming year.

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Importantly, the Report also helps define the product and our sector as a whole. Its evolution from ‘corporate video’ into high-quality branded content is absolutely justified. A key identifier is that brand film isn’t funded by the audience, but commissioned and invested in to achieve a business goal. The return on investment is plain to see.

Over 100 industry leaders generously gave their data on behalf of most of the top UK production companies. We already have our sights set on the 2021 survey (and beyond) to build on the narrative and dataset.

The Brand Film Industry Report 2020 is available to purchase, beautifully designed, printed and bound. Or you can sign up to our mailing list to receive a free PDF summary.

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