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EVCOM London Film Awards Winners The Edge

An overview of the winning projects, producers, and brands at the EVCOM London Film Awards 2019.

The 2019 EVCOM London Film Awards showed off some amazing talent. There were gold awards for Polar Media, Casual Films, The Edge, Plastic Pictures, Pukka Films, Raw London and Media Zoo. But which producers were the most successful, and what was the best film?

We've dug into the results and worked out what the judges liked most in 2019's productions.

Big players at the EVCOM London Film Awards

In terms of total wins, Media Zoo and The Edge Picture Company were the standouts. Both won seven awards, followed by Affixxius Films, Inspired Films, Pukka Films and Raw London with four.

While The Edge showed the breadth of their quality output with each award going to a different film, five out of Media Zoo’s seven came from just two projects.

Three of Media Zoo’s four golds came from ‘Drowning’, commissioned by Surviving Economic Abuse. It's a hard-hitting piece that illustrates the drowning sensation that survivors of domestic abuse are often reported to feel. The film is emotionally intense, so be warned and have a box of tissues to hand.

Media Zoo's other winners were 'Hidden' (gold), ‘Moments in History’ (silver and bronze) and 'Max's Story' (bronze).

The pick of the bunch from The Edge was 'Let's talk more' for HAVAS, gold winner for a film in a digital campaign. Produced for the Campaign to End Loneliness Video, it is simple but sweet, featuring former EVCOM awards presenter Andy Parsons making impromptu conversation in a shopping centre.

Winning bronze for animation, Identity is another example of brilliant innovation from The Edge. The film features security software that builds the identity of a user on behavioural patterns, which can be as subtle as the amount of pressure applied when using a phone screen. The animation plays on the disjuncture between human identity and the digital systems which try to imitate this reality.

New challengers

Plastic Pictures, EVCOM Challenger Agency of the Year in 2018 and only formed in 2012, proved once again they compete at the highest level. The agency won three awards, two of them golds and a silver.

The Alexa retail films bagged the gold for direction. In a series of targeted social media ads, Plastic Pictures demonstrate how the convenience of Amazon's AI system saves time for the precious moments in life. The films stand out for their authenticity, especially since they focus on tech that is still viewed with suspicion by some consumers.

And the the best film is..

There were no Best Film or Production Company of the Year categories this year in a slimmed down ceremony that let EVCOM separate the Live and Film awards audience for the trophy presentations.

So we have brought together a selection of more EVCOM gold winners to let you use your comms expertise to select your best of the best. Enjoy!

Casual Films' 'Are you listening?' for RB.

'Frogs' by Polar Media for BP.

'We Elevate' by Plastic Pictures for Schindler.

Book Aid International by Raw London.

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