The UK Top 50: Ever present, over the years

Reflecting on those ever present in the UK Top 50

We look at past rankings of the UK Top 50 to identify those ever present, and those formidable newcomers to the report.

2022’s definitive pecking order of brand film producers has arrived in the new UK Top 50, painting a picture of a talented, competitive and growing field. But with numerous new arrivals on the scene, we’ve identified the producers who have lasted the course.

The Ever Presents

Table showing producers ever present in UK Top 50 and Peer Poll

Who's Who?

Any discussion of those constants in the rankings starts with The Edge Picture Company. Their extraordinary longevity and quality output continues to set a high bar for the rest of the field. It’s paid off over the years as we saw them top the rankings in both 2015 and 2018.

The Peer Poll in the full report provides a unique annual platform for production companies to rate competitors in the field. The Edge have summited this feature no less than 7 times, reflecting the high regard in which they are held by their contemporaries.

Pukka Films have stalked the top 10 for the report’s entire lifespan. But that changed this year as they took their place in the top 10. Aspect similarly found their own first this year, reaching 8th place on the Peer Poll which also happens to be their first appearance there. But they aren’t new to success, having placed inside the top 10 of the full rankings twice already in 2008 and 2010.

Persistence Is Key

Big Button and Radley Yeldar remain no less committed to benchmarking their position in the sector, having appeared in the UK Top 50 for the last 12 years. This year saw the latter clinching 5th spot in the rankings and 3rd in the Peer Poll, while Big Button equalled their 2012 best by moving into 21st place. DRPG hold 5th spot of the Peer Poll this year, continuing an outstanding run of form in the UK Top 50 that has placed them in the top 10 since 2014.

Big winners Casual have been in the 50 since 2012, and this year finally sees them climb seven places to clinch supremacy over both the rankings and Peer Poll. But this is certainly more a case of form than luck, having been voted first in the Peer Poll feature no fewer than four times before.

For a more detailed breakdown of the Top 20, click here.

Where We're Going

Initiated by Televisual as the Corporate 50, 2022's UK Top 50 includes many stalwarts. Most of the top 10 have appeared in the rankings for years.  But it isn't all about the veterans.

First time submissions hit double digits this year as new blood entered the fray. Many first timers like Heehaw, Happy Hour Productions, and Bladonmore only narrowly missed out on a top 10 position, signalling a competitive sector in good health. How many of these first-timers will become ever-presents in years to come?

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