The UK Top 50: The good, the great, and the new

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The UK Top 50 results are out for 2022, revealing a sector that has had a great couple of years. We show the top producers and give links to download the full report.

The UK Top 50 2022 is now live, delivered through a partnership between Moving Image and EVCOM. The presence of  familiar and innovative production companies illustrates the staying power of strong creativity in economic headwinds. But there are some exciting new arrivals too.

You can download the 6-page report with the full 1-50 rankings, free of charge, by clicking here. Here's a quick summary of the headlines.

Top 10

There's a change at the top as Casual take number 1 slot for the first time in the history of the UK Top 50 and Televisual Corporate 50. They begin their reign from a position of strength, up 7 places since the last edition in 2019 despite a prolonged period of UK economic and social uncertainty.

The Edge maintain their impressive consistency in the top three. They have been there since 2009, an unmatched performance that has made them the producer to beat for as long as most of us can remember. RD Content hurdle their way 14 places through the field into the 3rd spot, driven by their ambitious business plan and international expansion.

Top 11-20

The top 10 have all been in the rankings for years. By contrast there are no fewer than five new entrants in the 11-20 range: Heehaw, Bladonmore, Happy Hour, Starstruck Media and Hurricane Media. Analysis of the top 50 since 2009 reveals a dynamic and competitive sector, where challengers with a successful business model can work their way to the top.

All 50 businesses are successful, with a range of different styles and strategies. The majority of those who made the cut (we had many more entires) are specialist film agencies, but a substantial minority are full service communications agencies who have a quality film offering.

How does the UK Top 50 recognise and rate the most successful brand and corporate film producers? For transparency, we have published the methodology and score weightings in the report. It's combination of revenue from video, ratings by competitors in our Peer Poll, trophies at major awards schemes and the volume of projects delivered.

Details are in the full report here.

Our friends at EVCOM have their analysis here. O

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