About us

Moving Image is a new breed of research agency. We blend data and creativity to help brands get business results from video.

What is brand video?

We analyse video that brands, governments and charities pay for as part of their marketing communications. That includes internal and external comms, social video, investor relations, learning and development, customer communications, recruitment and retention, compliance and brand values.

When data and creativity work in harmony, wonderful things happen for your brand, your audience and your business.

To make sense of the ocean of video data, we have built a reference database covering everything brand video. How brands use it, how audiences engage with it, who makes it and what methods work.

Who we are

Frustrated in his search for reliable data on brand video and corporate film, Steve Garvey set up Moving Image to fill the information gap about this hidden sector of the UK screen industries.

Steve was joined by Hugo Garvey to build the data engine and Martha Howlett for creative video analysis. Since then, we have researched tens of thousands of brand videos to find the best strategies for driving engagement for business.