Televisual Corporate 50 rankings 2019: the big winners

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Steve Garvey provides insight on the results of the 2019 Televisual Corporate 50.

Who stands out among the movers and risers in the Televisual Corporate 50 rankings in 2019?

There are two main elements to the Corporate 50: Televisual’s rankings, and The Peer Poll. Both are based on responses by production companies to Televisual’s annual survey. This year’s results reveal some pretty big climbers and jumpers, testament to outstanding, high-quality work. You will need to subscribe to the Televisual print magazine for the full rankings, click here to get your copy.

Televisual Corporate 50 rankings

Congratulations to DRP, who after joining the top three for the first time last year, now take pole position in the Corporate 50. Up one place from second in 2018, this is their first year in the top three. DRP continue to build their business at a spectacular rate across the full spectrum of communications services, and they won’t be easy to dislodge now they have their number one spot. It will be fascinating to see how their rival producers and agencies respond.

Talking of rivals, The Edge take number 2 spot and have again managed to maintain their place in the top three, as they have done every year for a decade. It's a remarkable achievement that speaks of quality work year on year. Tied in second place are Media Zoo, their highest place ever, followed by Merchant Cantos and Radley Yeldar.

2019’s biggest riser is WMP Creative up 16 places to an admirable 27th. With a stellar jump of 14 places come RD Content at 16th after expansion into a big new production facility, and Zut, at 19th, their highest ever place. Speakeasy rank 9th this year after a big jump of ten places.

World Television (24th), Brandcast (33rd), Line Up (37th), BMS (45th) make a return to the 50. New entrants are Affixxius in an impressive 10th place, tied with Quite Frankly, followed by Investis Digital and ICF Next.

Eleven agencies disappear from the rankings this year, including We are Vista (formerly Vista) after coming in 12th place in 2018, and ITN Productions after 4 years. Five of 2018’s new entrants to the poll, Pink Banana, Inspired, Inner Eye, Liquid, and Sprat drop out this year. They are joined by Wing, Armoury, Wilder, and Pretzel and Peggy.

Peer Poll

The Peer Poll measures which producers are most respected by fellow film professionals for creativity rather than business performance. Because it is voted for by industry competitors, inclusion in this poll is seen as hard-won and accounts for the difference in rankings from the Corporate 50.

Peer Poll favourites The Edge knocked Casual Films from the top spot, returning to the number one they have occupied six times before. Casual Films, after three years at the top, land in third place behind Media Zoo who are by far the fastest risers.

Plastic Pictures cement their Peer Poll position in fourth, the highest placed smaller agency ranking with the bigger players. DRP tie in fifth place with Lonely Leap, who make a sixth appearance in the poll.

With 14 companies polling in the top ten in 2017 and 2018, the 11 featured in the 2019 poll makes it a much more select list.

The 2019 winner is...

So, what do the Televisual Corporate 50 2019 rankings tell us?

The Peer Poll values creativity above performance and awards, unlike the Corporate 50 in which high-ranking winners may not have the most creative films, but are instead growth businesses that deserve recognition.

Media Zoo’s position at number two on both polls is a mark of a business performing well and producing creative work, a truly dynamic agency with a lot of momentum. The Edge show they are still the ones to beat.

DRP's ranking in the Peer Poll suggests they have enjoyed phenomenal business success but are not yet as highly rated for creativity by peers. We reckon that Dale Parmenter, Dagmar Mackett and the rest of the DRP team will be working on that.

Raw London do consistently well in the Peer Poll, no doubt due to to their focus on not for profit work, award wins, and the fact that they make great films. Plastic Pictures continue to punch well above their weight, a young agency that is clearly going places.

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