Easy-Peasy: The UK Top 50 2023 Survey is out, and even easier to fill in

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Since it's never been more straightforward to take part in the survey, we show you what's in it and just how easy it is to complete.

The UK Top 50 Survey for 2023 is open now. If you prefer reading through the questions before completing, you can request up a PDF copy here.

It's never been more simple to take part in the survey, so we thought we'd show you what's in this year's edition. Just make sure you complete it by the deadline of 22nd January.

But first things first...

What is the UK Top 50?

You probably know by now, but for the uninitiated it's the only comprehensive ranking of brand and corporate film producers in Britain. The UK Top 50 forms an annual order of merit that provides producers with crucial insight into their overall position in the communications sector, while also giving brands an idea of who's who in such a sprawling creative field. Explore the highlights of the 2022 edition here, or download a copy of the full report.

2023's edition runs in partnership with EVCOM, who hosted an engrossing roundtable with high performers from last year. To find out what the UK Top 50 means to them, jump here.

What The Survey Says

The UK Top 50 survey is broken into eight sections that can save as you go, meaning you can return whenever it suits. Make sure you click on the blue bar at the top of the screen to save progress.

Please note that any financial information you share with Moving Image will be kept strictly confidential.

1. Hi, who are you?

Our digital handshake.

2. Production Company or Agency?

Questions here focus on your responsibilities, annual turnover this year compared to last, profit and project amount.

3. Workforce

We want to know about you. Who works with you? What about demographics? What levels of qualifications make up your business? Are you part of a vast team or a dynamic duo?

4. Expenditure - Production Company

What do you spend your budget on? What ratio goes to employment? This is as financially technical as we get, so we've given you a helpful slider here. You're welcome!

5. Business Mapping

Exactly as it sounds. Where are you? What types and styles of output do you release and where? What sectors generate most of your income?

6. Export Value

Think less holiday euros and more work commissioned from clients outside the UK! How many? How much did you make and how often?

7. Your Comments

This might be our favourite part...

We want to hear what you've seen in the sector over the last 12 months. What have been the prevailing trends for you? What were your best bits, and what did you struggle with? What's in your eyeline for next year?

8. The Peer Poll

A time-honoured component of Televisual's original Corporate 50. Whose work do you love? Rave away. Need we say more?

And that really is all there is to 2023's UK Top 50 Survey! Remember, we can provide a handy PDF of the survey questions beforehand to save you time completing. Once completed, you'll have the option to recommend any other businesses working in brand and corporate film. So, if you can think of a producer whose work you admire, please let us know!

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